Will Isom
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Denny's on Demand

 Denny's - Denny's on Demand

ECD - Mike Lear

AD - Tim Kang

The Grand Canyon. The Pool. Or your bed. With Denny's on Demand, the world is your diner. With the launch of ‘Denny’s on Demand, we introduced an all-new online ordering platform for takeout or delivery and changed the way America thinks about the diner.

Press: AdAge - Fortune

It all started with a teaser. Letting the world know that something amazing was about to drop. Followed by a :30 and a bunch of really fun :15s. And yea that booth bike is real.

Oh, yea. We did some social videos with Waymond from the Comedy Central show Workaholics. Turns out he was in was an extra in casting and we just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with a legend.